DevOps Engineer (Python Developer)

Location: Ahmedabad | Remote


The ideal candidate is a Senior Engineer well versed in Web technologies, Software Development, and AWS tools and has done some DevOps work, including building major platforms, building the monitoring and alerting infrastructure, building CICD pipelines, and has developed tools to support the digital experience such as monitoring dashboards. 

The engineer will play an essential role in the design and development of the observability framework and collaboration across development teams.

The engineer will work under the guidance of the principal engineer to build scalable and reliable observability solutions. This role will contribute to the development of observability as code and will be critical in the setup, enhancement, and maintenance of monitoring, logging, distributed tracing, metrics & reporting systems for fine-grained observability and actionable alerting to deliver a robust Digital Experience and enable the teams for more efficient control of their systems higher level of visibility to customer issues.

Must Have

  • Software development Skills, preferably Python, GO, Java, Node Js, React, JSON, bash, etc.
  • 3+ years of experience in DevOps and Python development
  • Knowledge of Java stack and J2EE application development frameworks and demonstrate proficiency.
  • Experience building Front End Technologies HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular, or React
  • AWS Architect or DevOps Certification preferred
  • Strong monitoring skills and experience in New Relic, Cloud Watch, and Grafana.
  • Strong logging Skills, experience in ELK stack Kibana, Splunk, and Cloud Watch logs.
  • Experience supporting Tomcat, JBoss, and other application servers
  • Experience with Cloud infrastructure
  • Knowledge of CI/CD principles.

Soft Skills

  • Best practices in infosec
  • Ability to dig deep into infrastructure and code to solve problems 
  • Ability to solve traditional operations problems through automation
  • Attention to detail and identifying issues

Role & Responsibilities

  • Design and build the observability toolkit, including logging, tracing, and metrics, using a variety of tools, including CloudWatch, New Relic, Grafana, CloudFormation, Terraform, Lambda, Micrometer, etc.
  • Work with the principal engineer and team members to develop a proof of concept.
  • Build automation to set up Early Warning Alerts and Service Level Objectives as part of the infrastructure framework.
  • Work with teams across the organization to build and maintain monitor-able, performant, reliable and highly resilient, and scalable software systems.
  • Designing, building, and running pipelines to deploy the observability framework.
  • Ability to analyze failures, mitigate them on the spot, and work proactively to prevent them in the future
  • Self-starter who enjoys working in high-pressure environments and understands the pressure and pride of maintaining a world-class 24/7 production environment.
  • Desire and the ability to specify goals and constraints, propose alternative solutions to issues, consider risks, and evaluate and choose the best course of action.
Company Info

Prama is US based Company with a specialization in Data Engineering, Data Science, Application Engineering, and Cloud Solutions. We are currently hiring talented engineers in India to work for our Enterprise Clients building their complex Internet Scale Web 2.0 Applications. Our team of engineers in the US works with the India team to provide robust, quality, and scalable solutions. Let’s build a better future with Prama.


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